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Use your vim settings everywhere.


So you've customized vim just the way you want it. But as soon as you jump on a remote machine or a friend's PC, you lose all your settings. Well fear no longer! VimSwitch is here to save the day.

VimSwitch makes it easy to switch to your vim profile on any machine. As long as you have your vim settings up on GitHub (For example: priomsrb/vimrc), switching to it is as easy as:

# ./vimswitch priomsrb/vimrc

When you're done, you can restore your previous vim settings with:

# ./vimswitch default


# wget && chmod +x vimswitch
# curl -OL && chmod +x vimswitch
Download the latest vimswitch.exe


vimswitch # Show current profile vimswitch <profile> # Switch to profile. Profile must be of the form: user/repo vimswitch default # Restore the user's original vim settings vimswitch --update <profile> # Re-download and switch to profile vimswitch --update # Re-download current profile vimswitch --help # Show help message

Bugs/Feature Requests

If you find a bug or want to request a feature, please visit the issues page.